number match - number games-Number Match: Number Games

number match - number games-Number Match: Number Games

Version: 1.0.32

adout number match - number games-Number Match: Number Games

Version 1.0.32

introduction number match - number games-Number Match: Number Games

number match - number games

👋Hi, if you are an extremely crazy lover for various brain teaser number puzzle, number games or logic puzzles, here our number match puzzle game is your best choice! You can't miss number games anymore. Number Match: Number Games is a popular logic puzzle and number game!

😍The number puzzle seems to be easy number collection, but don’t underestimate that it’s not just a collection of various numbers, it’s an extremely challenging number game and logic puzzle game that you need to continuously exercise your brain and logic to complete it.

🧐Maybe you are puzzled about how to deal with number match games, here let’s tell you——The final purpose of number match games is to clear all numbers in the grid with the minimum steps.

🌈Specific steps are as following:
• Solve the logic puzzle! Find different pairs of various numbers to clear the number grid at the end.
• Numbers that meet requirements: The same number pairs (2 and 2; 6 and 6) or the number pairs whose sum is 10 ( 7 and 3, 8 and 2) in the number grid.
• Eliminate the required numbers one by one and different grades you can get.
• Connect pairs of numbers only in adjacent cells of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions respectively.
• You can also connect pairs of numbers at the end of one row/column and the beginning of the next one.
• Add extra rows with remaining numbers when there are no suitable numbers.
• Enough hints are helpful to speed up the game progress when you are in difficulty.
• Removing all the numbers from the number grid, you are the champion of number games.

🤗Exclusive features of our number match game:
• Challenge number match games continuously to refresh your grades
• Various difficulty levels of abundant number grids
• No time limitation, think thoroughly before eliminating numbers
• Enjoying brain teasing game and relaxing for yourself

😜Are you already attracted by such interesting number match games? Do you want to exercise your logical thinking in such wonderful logic puzzle game?
⏬Download right now and challenge it with us in a second! Number game, logic puzzles, number puzzle and number match a good choice for brain training!

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number match - number games Number Match: Number Games

  • Version:1.0.32 _ Size:18.8MB
  • Category:Board _ Publisher:Fancy Games Studio
  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:13/06/2022
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